Welcom to Prime Wafers.

Prime wafers is a semiconductor wafer supplier in the Netherlands. We have recently moved into our new office in the Business Center Lansingerland.

The technical team of Prime Wafers consists of experienced semiconductor researchers and engineers. All of us have worked for more than 10 years in IC, MEMS design and manufacturing.

We are proud to work with well-known semiconductor wafer manufacturers to power european research institutes and companies with a large range of high quality, low cost semiconductor wafers.

Our products include:

Silicon wafers: CZ and FZ, 1 to 6 inch, as cut, lapped, etched, SSP, DSP, almost any orientation, off cut, very thin and very flat, high and low resistivity, etc.

Sapphire wafers: 2 to 7 inch; A-plane, R-plane, M-plane, C-plane, epi-polish, fine ground, low TTV, etc.

SiC wafers: 2 to 4 inch.4H-N, 6H-N, 6H-SI, etc.

Glass wafers: Fused Silica, Borofloat, B270 etc.


Please contact us for more details.